Financial Advisers Coach clients to reach
Financial Wellness


It is all about YOUR life, YOUR risks, YOUR fears and YOUR dreams. We offer you the solution and coach you to stay focused EVERY STEP of the way.


Life is unpredictable and unforeseen events can happen to you. We promise to be there to assist you and your family by actioning your plan and assisting everybody to focus on the moment and not worry about the finances.

For financial advisers to be able to keep their promise of putting you first, they follow a unique advice process that empowers you as our client to reflect, identify and design your future. You will be enabled through our tools and coaching methodology to identify, prioritize and most importantly, get answers to what you want assistance with.

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Financial Advisers allocated by Liberty Group Limited to LINKfinity Fin-Group (Financial Advisers) are professional, act with due care, skill and in the best interest of the client at all times. These Advisers receive ongoing training and have access to specialists in the industry.

We take the fear out of Financial Planning

For an assessment of your financial wellness and some good solid advice on insuring your risks and making sure you and your family are cared for and your business is adequately covered …

business financial planning

Financial Plan

Income enables a business to operate and allow employees to meet their monthly obligations. Yet it is the most underinsured asset. Protection against loss of income is one way of ensuring that your business has a future.

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Financial Plan 

To begin a Financial Wellness Plan, you have to make the choice that it is important for you to not only regard the pay cheque of today as being valuable but also the ones of the future.

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Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” 

Kerri Russel

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